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Who We Are 

Dr. Andrew Harker, principal of Ralph Harker Associates, is a specialist in the implementation and use of financial information systems in higher education, with a focus on budgeting, forecasting, and management reporting systems, processes, and procedures.

Harker built a 25-year career at Stanford University, where he served as Director of Budget Management in the University Budget Office. Using a suite of Oracle systems, Dr. Harker led the effort at Stanford to improve budgeting, financial management and analysis, and collaboration across the university on financial issues. He also has extensive knowledge of the broader marketplace for budgeting and forecasting information systems, suitable both to large budgets and implementations and small ones.

From one-day consultations to extended engagement, he has provided guidance on higher education budgeting, strategic modeling, resource planning, and management to institutions including Youngstown State University, Clemson University, the National University of Singapore, the University of California at San Francisco, the University of California at Berkeley, Syracuse University, the Massachussetts Institute of Technology, Princeton University, the Pontificia Universidad Javeriana in Colombia, Alight Planning, Whitebirch Software, and Oracle Corporation.

Dr. Harker received his BA in Social Sciences from Swarthmore College, his MA in Higher Education Administration from New York University, and his Ed.D. in Higher Education Administration from the Executive Doctorate program in the Graduate School of Education at the University of Pennsylvania. In his dissertation, he studied the presentation of university financial information to board members and senior administrators, and how the form of presentation influences their decision processes.